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Performance and Architecture

Experience a new level of innovation with state-of-the-art architecture and performance.

The CitySite platform is built with modern frameworks and architecture that makes it extremely performant on the web. Our technologies come together to provide users with instant page loads and a seamless experience not seen on other platforms.

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Serverless Cloud Hosting with AWS and Vercel.

We leverage fully scalable technologies such as serverless that allow the site to load quickly but also scale infinitely while staying extremely cost efficient.

  • 99.95% Guaranteed Uptime
  • Infinite Scalability
  • Infinite Storage
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Admin management powered by the world class Laravel framework.

  • User and Roles Management
  • Media Library for Images, Video, and Filesy
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Modern Javascript framework powered by VueJS.

Server Side Rendering

For optimal performance and search engine optimization (SEO)

Link Preloading

When a user hovers over a link, the app pulls the contents of the next page before it’s clicked so the user sees everything instantly.

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Additional Features

Automatic image and video optimization and formatting

Page speed performance is highly dependent displaying optimally sized images and videos for mobile and desktop users. This complicated process is done automatically for you on CitySite. Whatever browser or device the user is on we will detect the optimal size video and image and display it resulting in significantly faster page loading.


We host images and video on AWS Cloudfront Content Delivery Network which provides fast content delivery all over the world.